Art today?

Was thinking about the contribute/communicate aspect of art. What is this piece saying to ME? Then I happened to hear about a freelance designer and video editor who does ‘lifecasting’.

So I went over to this site and spent almost an hour clicking through the directory looking at various ‘lifecasters’. I would say probably 80% of the sites I looked at said they were artists or art students of some flavor. But nearly everyone had their webcam sitting on the monitor and were just sitting at their computer typing, so I’m watching someone type or mouse. This is art? Maybe I can makeup some back story for these people.

The sky over Ciba was its usual gunmetal grey and we see newbu637(not really) who just made it back to the flat from the streets. S/He is winded from having to sprint past the —, who were out in force and taking no prisoners. Ah yes, much better than looking at sheila637(not really) just typing/mousing.So now my commentary is the art that newbu637 contributed to.

This is no critique of lifecasting, I don’t feel I have enough information yet to have an opinion. One actually has to know something about something to have a valid opinion. Example; do you feel the Conchoid of de Sluze is flavorful, important, or useless? Unless you knew this is the plotted curve of an equation that looks like a shell, studied by René François Walter, baron de Sluze, you couldn’t say if it was flavorful or not (I did not provide a link because I couldn’t find one that simply said ‘plotted curve’ without all the math attached). I leave to you your opinion of its usefulness.

Here’s some <politics>Bruce Schneier</politics>

I should chain myself to the drawing table, till next time.


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