Todays art.

I’m late today because I got into a political email with my sister and had to pull my head back into art.

Got a couple of things framed yesterday. This is good. I make myself stop fiddling with a piece after I’ve signed it, but until I get a frame on it it’s not done. I can’t exchange it. That’s what it’s all about, exchange.

Also have done some smaller work recently (10×12 – 11×14) and was pleased by the results; usually I work at 18×24.

It’s invigorating to see, in the galleries, an increase in ‘representational’ work. I like to think artists today have come to grips enough with ‘new media’ and lens based images (David Hockney “Secret Knowledge”) that the ‘need’ for abstraction is less immediate. Of course based on ‘what is this piece saying to ME’ and ‘does it let me contribute’ abstract is well established as art.

Maybe I’ll pull a couple of things out from under the drawing table and dust them off; until next time.


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