Friday AND Wednesday.

Apologies if you looked for something here Wed.

Edward Hopper 22 July 1882 – 15 May 1967.

Considered one of the Masters of 20th century American Painting he was not initially successful in the ‘fine arts’. Although he studied in Paris in 1906, 1909, and 1910 and worked as a commercial illustrator he did not sell anything in exhibition until his second show, of etchings and watercolours, in 1924; it sold out.

Critics and art historians insist he was painting the isolation of the individual within America’s rapidly progressing society. Hopper himself says “My aim in painting has always been the exact transcription of my most intimate impressions of nature …”

Many of his images have become iconic.

What is he saying to YOU?


New York Movie

Morning Sun

“Edward Hopper: A Modern Master” Ita G. Berkow

“Edward Hopper: A Catalogue Raisonne” Gail Levin

National Gallery of Art


One Response to “Friday AND Wednesday.”

  1. islandfornow Says:

    In each of your three choices the figures are in light. I believe for Hopper this is a compositional choice – to make a good picture. In my reading the figures are lost in thought, but have chosen an area of relative comfort- in light – for their repose. In each painting the figures are surrounded by darkness, which gives a sense of coldness or loneliness. The ability to rest, or relax seems fragile. I like this aspect.

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