This Friday.

Today I point you at I think the posts from 1 Oct til yesterday, 4 Oct, relevant to this forum. I found this one and this one particularly of interest.

Another tidbit from an interview with Lee Child (whom I’ve not read,yet) but so refreshing and on point.

“… it’s absolutely not rational to look for validation from critics or insiders in the business. That’s another fatal mistake. You can sometimes tell people are writing to impress their friends or some kind of inner circle. That’s stupid. Your friends—how many are they? They’re going to buy, like, six books. What you need is to impress the audience out there.

So I don’t care what a critic says. Critics can say whatever they like, it makes no difference to me. It also doesn’t tell me anything. I’ve lived with the book for a year; I know whether it’s good or bad; I know where it’s weak or strong; I don’t need somebody else to tell me. So, it’s a matter of total indifference to me what anybody says. It sounds very cynical, but all that I care about is: How many copies does the book sell? And not because I’m greedy for the money, but because that’s the only true measure: Are real people actually reading this book?”


One Response to “This Friday.”

  1. opit Says:

    Those that can – do. Continued ability ‘to do’ – the main interest. It’s not so much arrogance as orientation towards achieving results to the exclusion of other concerns. In a word : concentration.
    A blogger should relate.

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