Friday today.

I look forward to some gallery hopping this weekend.

Meanwhile here is Alexei Antonov who works in the Classical Style. He is quite good at it.

<politics> I lament the growth of censorship and continuing death of rock and roll. I was button pushing the car radio the other night and stopped on Dire Straits “Money for Nothing”. Some shitforbrains ie. “progran director”, or monkey further up the food chain, had bleeped the word ‘faggot’ when Mark Knopfler is singing about (Sir) Elton John’s money and hair.

This IS censoring. Music is art, is a form of speech, is protected by the Constitution. If the station doesn’t like the lyrics, don’t play the song. That is NOT censorship, that is the right of the station to program what they want.

This censorship is supremely egregious in that the term, in the song at the time, by the artist, in reference to the person, is actually a term of affection. In ‘English/Australian’ english “poofter” pronounced ‘puffta’ is the derogatory slang. And besides the ‘Empire’ is much more tolerant of faggotry anyway. </politics>


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