Pictures are not the only things that come off my drawing table. Here’s a bit of something I’ve been working on for awhile. I think of them as cityscapes. Hope it is interesting.

19 – Coffee Shoppe OR Not a Starbucks

He was writing “The Great American Novel”, she was bored. They’d been sitting at the table in the coffee shop for nearly an hour. He was lost in his words, she just felt lost.

The tall man walked in and glanced at the couple at the table in passing. She was transfixed by the glimpse of his deep green eyes.

The man got coffee and a cookie then sat at a table across the shop so he could see the couple’s table. She looked over at the man and imagined the feel of his chest hair, the ripple of his abs as she grazed her hand down his body.

The man wondered why the couple was there, the guy obviously intent upon his writing, the girl lost. He looked at her blue eyes hoping there was more than vacuum behind them.

She looked at the man’s earring, a big ‘pirate’ hoop with a jewel suspended in it. She wished she could take his clothes off and inspect his body for tattoos and scars.

The man wondered if the girl thought she could be an actress, he had seen hundreds like her during his years in Hollywood. So few of them had even the slightest clue how much hard work ‘actressing’ was.

As the girl got up to go to the ladies room she dropped her napkin. She bent at the waist to pick it up and raised her head opening the gap between her blouse and her chest, but the man was fiddling with his cell phone and missed her little peep show. The man saw the girl drop her napkin and was glad she was bending to pick it up; then realized his phone was set to stun, which he never felt, so got it out to reset it.

The man finished his cookie, washed down with the last of the coffee. He saw a lot of interesting vignettes in coffee shops he adapted in his stories, but not today. He seldom actually wrote in the shops. The girl came back to the table where the guy was still scribbling away.

As the man left the girl’s eyes followed him out. She felt they might drag her along trailing after him. The man had an appointment and had killed some extra time in the coffee shop.


One Response to “excerpt”

  1. fareo Says:

    i like the story.
    people with desire but lack of doing ability.

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