I’m not big on moving, haven’t been since the ’70s. Well everything is moved, but not unpacked yet. Other than having the drawing table in the right place all else is lost in the turmoil. But hey I said I’d be back.

Working on some writing for a May submission, got some stuff on the drawing table needs to be ready for June. Summer is coming, trying to line up some showings, we’ll see. Now if I could just find my pen and pencils.

Well all I’ve got in art is that we had to check that the computers are all working. So we dug out the DaVinci Code DVD. Without getting into the politics I found it was quite a good movie. I am of course highly prejudiced in that I think Tom Hanks is an incredible actor and Ron Howard is an incredible director. That said, it boils down to a well directed, well acted vision of an interesting story.

Dan Brown has a good formula. Pick a subject that is not easily penetrated due to remote location, unaccessability, lost in history, etc. Set up a psycho, but don’t let on it’s the main man. Make it all happen in a short timeframe. If this is even moderatly well written it can be a rollercoaster page turner; and being compressed time makes it perfect for movie rights. I should try this, not this week though.

Not only does moving scramble your possesions, but it can shake loose something out of your past. Just got an email from a young lady I knew; well she was a young lady when I knew her, and there has been a bit of time passed since then. Hello Kathleen.

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As mentioned previously we’re in the process of expanding. Part of that is moving. I’ll be tied up with the move through the end of March so there won’t be new entries until then.

Did do some gallery hopping. You may want to look for Thomas Patrick. I say may because he is a “Wine Country” painter. His technique is acrylic on paper cutouts with a landscape, wine bottle/glass motif. The technique is interesting and he has a good sense of colour and composition. If “Wine Country” is your taste you may like this.

Keep an eye out for Jakob Tedrick. This welded metal young artist can go far.