art AND politics

Today we have both Art and Politics in all the hoo ha about the trials and tribulations of poor Miley Cyrus the young, 15 year old, superstar singer.

Vanity Fair assigned Annie Leibovitz to photograph Ms. Cyrus for their June issue. If you follow any of these things you know that Annie has done Vanity Fair portraits for eons (since 1983). And you would be familiar with Annie’s style.

So let us look at this from the isolation of a portrait. The portraitist is displaying an essence of the subject. It is a facet or a view and can not be the person in total. Primarily because people are not two dimensional, by any definition, so you can’t see the person in total.

Contributing what I can to this image, I see a self confidence and a casualness. But the grip on her blanket isn’t letting anything peek out. There is a “nudge-nudge wink-wink” (see Monty Python) in the eyes and she is not looking directly into the lens, but just camera left. Now we know Annie’s behind the lens so who is at her shoulder that got Miley’s attention? The smile flirting around her lips seems to hold back a chuckle.

That’s it! I just realized this is a publicity photo for Miley. And here I am giving more coverage. Ha! caught me kid. Oh well, I needed something to post.

I have been on my writing, but drawing is really falling behind. This new house is eating my time, but it’s fun, planting flowers and watering lawn.

I’ll be out of town mid May visiting my Mom. It’ll be good even though it’s more disruption.

You can see the Miley promo piece at Vanity Fair if you’re interested. You can read all kinds of outrage all over the Net, but why bother.


No art yet.

Still getting sorted out. Been writing for May, but no drawing. SO here’s some politics for you. Great essay! Beautiful Mom, hope this coverage gets more Moms do what’s right. I picked the story up from Bruce Schneier.