quick note

Just a quick mention here of 2 people I came across recently.

Dennis Barloga, photographer, took me to the old europe I someday want to go see. He’s from the old school of larger format film and boy are his prints nice.

Fused glass may be too ‘craftsy’ for some tastes, but remember the test is not ‘is it oil paint’, the test is ‘does it communicate’. Diane Berry, jeweler, took me about 30 seconds to find a pendant I bought. Look her up if you’re in Ashland, Oregon. Or keep an eye out at art fairs, she travels a bit.

Results are starting to come in on my exhibit submissions, we’ll talk about that later.


Boy, that’s annoying!

I’m off actually DOING things, not distractions, and when I come back I can’t post.

Well it’s fixed now, but jeesh.

So I got out 3 THREE submissions to exhibits. Should hear from the first one mid month, then the others in July.

I’m not recommending you run out and buy a $75 art book. But if you find it used, like I did, it’s worth $20-30. “Degas” by Robert Gordon, isbn 0-8109-8107-6, huge selection of images. Degas is one of my favorites and there are quite a few pieces in this book I was not familiar with.

On page 113 I learned that a piece I knew as ‘The Rape’ (which I suppose you can read into it), though the title never really made sense to me, (It doesn’t seem to me to be a Degas theme.) is properly titled “Interior”. More interesting is that it is a literal illustration of a passage from Zola’s novel “Therese Raquin”, quoted below the reproduction.

I love to learn that kind of stuff.

Well maybe I can get back to some schedule here. Got to run off to Baskin Robbins, we have a coupon.