Boy, that’s annoying!

I’m off actually DOING things, not distractions, and when I come back I can’t post.

Well it’s fixed now, but jeesh.

So I got out 3 THREE submissions to exhibits. Should hear from the first one mid month, then the others in July.

I’m not recommending you run out and buy a $75 art book. But if you find it used, like I did, it’s worth $20-30. “Degas” by Robert Gordon, isbn 0-8109-8107-6, huge selection of images. Degas is one of my favorites and there are quite a few pieces in this book I was not familiar with.

On page 113 I learned that a piece I knew as ‘The Rape’ (which I suppose you can read into it), though the title never really made sense to me, (It doesn’t seem to me to be a Degas theme.) is properly titled “Interior”. More interesting is that it is a literal illustration of a passage from Zola’s novel “Therese Raquin”, quoted below the reproduction.

I love to learn that kind of stuff.

Well maybe I can get back to some schedule here. Got to run off to Baskin Robbins, we have a coupon.


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