stupid, stupid, stupid

This is politics today, sorry if you were looking for art.

Well what can you expect from a state where the entertainment is manufactured in Hollywierd and the ruler is the Governator.

California Governor Schwarzenegger signed an Executive Order delaying part of the August paycheck to State workers. The papers of course call it a pay cut but it’s only an enforced withholding and will be returned when the Budget is approved.

Now here’s the stupid part; State workers don’t approve the Budget it’s the Legislature that is dragassing on this. They’re even currently on vacation.

So Mr. Governor how come you don’t have the Attorney General looking into Legislative dereliction of duty. It’s only a State Constitutional mandate the Budget be completed by 15 June each year.

Oh well, I probably don’t have a complete picture I get ALL my news from Google, I really love the machine but it doesn’t understand what it’s telling me, it’s my job to figure that out.