Some art talk

The jury is in on my entries, of 5 submissions, 4 rejections, 1 accepted for exhibit plus a small cash award, however the purchase prize has not been awarded yet so I’m still hopeful. Not a bad percentage I thought, anyway it hangs on 15 Aug – 1 Sep. I’ll let you know if the galleries assault me.

Speaking of gallery. This is a bit belated. Got a note from an artist whose acquaintance I made a few months back. She is exhibiting again and asked if I was interested in checking it out.

Being one always willing to look at Art I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get out to the gallery. As I was only able to view the work on the Web site I can’t offer any real critique. But seeing what I did, I am very sorry I missed the show.

Gayle Anita, Elaine Bowers, Diana Boyd, Victoria Brooks, Paige Decker, Marie-Therese Brown, Daniel Mundy, Sondra Olsen, and Bob Miller presented a strikingly unified vision. The theme was river delta images so there is a lot of water and trees, I had a feeling Monet was peeking in to see what was up.

Interesting and varied compositions, meaning no slight to any others, “Bend in the River” by Victoria Brooks exquisitely ‘unbalanced’. And without the canvas in front of me I can’t say much more.

Sondra, I’ll be looking you up, I want to see “River Landing”.

Back to the drawing table I’ve got to get several things ready for November.

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