A little respect

I did some gallery hopping last weekend, saw some stuff, liked some stuff, talked to some people. Still digesting. One artist I spoke with, who I’ve previously met, emailed the other day. She makes a very good point. I’ve edited some and genericized it (I hate verbitized noun-ification), but am putting in quotes even though it’s not literally. I hope I haven’t eviscerated her thoughts.

“Getting the word out on art is good publicity. Plenty of people show up for these monthly “Art Walks” however more and more are just generic “grazers”. The city and the press seem to think the artists are deliriously happy with all the stepped up hoopla of people and gatherings. I’m not so sure.

In former times (I’ve been at this studio/gallery for over 10 years doing this) the crowds were steady but not mobs, and they came to really seek out good art for looking and buying and they didn’t expect bands or a “feast” of food to gratify them. I’ve been asking my studio mates to cut down on all the food (displayed on a center table) in preference to featuring the art (What a Concept!). I think all this feeding of the masses (literally and figuratively) is creating or promoting the idea that the art is secondary or inferior somehow to the food, the fun, and the entertainment.

Last night I left with the strong sense that all this hoopla and entertainment is contrary to what art is about. Couldn’t people view art with a sense of contemplation, exploration, interest, and depth, not while they are feeding their faces trying to fill insatiably hungry appetites for something that can only come from within?

Maybe Art in this town needs to reclaim it’s sense of refinement. By refinement meaning a sense of discrimination, sophistication, and sensitivity instead of a garish circus crowd give-me-more-more-more ambiance being proffered now.”

Well kid I heartily agree, and have considered not attending the art walks anymore, rather going in to the galleries on other days. Which I seem to manage occasionally anyway.

Well, I’m to an award ceremony tomorrow night to pick up my ribbon, the check came today, sweet. Made good progress toward November. Probably submit three pieces.

I keep threatening to post images here; well someday.

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