Some art talk

Been looking at some Art Deco paintings, and found a great book on Sullivan Chicago architecture. This made me realize the link from there, such as Tamara de Lempicka to Jack Vettriano. Lempicka’s portrait of Prince Eristoff gave me a feeling like Vettriano’s Yesterday’s Dreams; lost in thought, looking into the void, hoping to see the other side. Another is Dance Me to the End of Love, an ethereal no space/location where the purest love exists. Well I get that out of it, though looking through Mr. Vettriano’s oeuvre he probably wasn’t painting that into it. Admittedly there is a “darkness”, perhaps seediness, to his imagery but I do enjoy it. Am especially struck by his brushwork and use of black. Also his speed of execution, I read he painted so fast because he was impatient to see, and show, the finished work.

Maybe I should get going!