Jeez no posts since November? What can I be thinking?
I went on a time warp journey a couple weeks ago. Since I graduated from university many years ago I’d had virtually no contact with anyone from there. Actually just an actor, named Jacque, and a photographer, Carl. Both whom I’d bumped into a couple of times over the years in Hollywood.

Well one of my dance instructors, Nancy Lyons, was retiring at the end of the year and a retrospective concert was being performed. As I’m only 2 hours away now we went.

Not only has the campus sprouted buildings all over and the trees are many years taller, but the sleepy little town down the road is surrounded by apartments and housing developments. I spoke to 6 or 7 people I’d known, some I recognized, some I didn’t immediately.

Overall a delightful evening. The variety of dancers was more than the usually lithe, taut, muscle machines. The variety of dances was all Nancy. I particularly enjoyed the slightly formal ‘White Pause’ an early piece from 1984 the program says was converted from a solo to the group piece for these dancers. It converted well, with nice synchronicity and detailed floor pattern. The performance that impressed me most was Collette Van Gerwen in the solo ‘Lure’, look for that name cause this gal is good. The piece is from 1986, a few years after I’d been with Nancy, and I’d guess she is at her prime here. It has lyricism, humor, and strength.

When I danced in Nancy’s company we did some fun pieces, show for kids; some tongue in cheek; Procession; and the usual “dance” stuff. I was too serious a person then to see the purpose/value of humor/insouciance, but that changed one night on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. Claire Porter showed me humorous dance can be ‘serious’ dance, but that idea then led to what is “serious” anything; and then ‘ding’ everything got less “serious”. I’ve built on this through experiment, experience, and much study in other areas and now view Life as the game it is; and if it ain’t fun you ain’t playing hard enough.

More soon.