What I was thinking.

I was downtown today and saw a street protest going on. Their chant was ” Torture is a war crime!”. I wasn’t able to make out who or what they were accusing of torture.

They missed the whole point; war is a crime.

Later I saw one of those ‘mechanical’ street artists doing his robot show. He wore military fatigues, but he was painted all gold.

The politics and the art leads to todays thesis; “Art is War”. It’s a war against the unaesthetic, the unimaginative, the unappreciative. A war of eye-opening, convention questioning, storming the status quo.

Art since before the Lascaux caves in the Paleolithic era has been a form of door for people to see beyond their daily existence.

As the cave painter invokes the magic of successful hunts; as the 15th century Van Eyck, in the Ghent alterpiece, tells the story of the Old Testament or Michaelangelo the story of creation. As Manet tells the aesthetic of “The Dead Toreador” or the “Execution of Maximilian”. As Picasso gives an anguished wail over Guernica and shows us a bull’s head in a bicycle seat Bull’s Head (Tete de Toro) so it mires in the frosting of Thiebaud’s cupcakes and so it loses touch with the people.

Why? What can be done about that?