Now I am not really into resolutions.

I rather like to plan. I think a good plan for this year is to just get good and serious about my art work. Yeah, I’m not going to accept any more exhibition rejections. 17 December 2010, that’s the last rejection I’m accepting from an exhibition jury.

So how am I doing this? By deciding to. I’m only submitting to exhibits with substantial awards. Like an investment, my art business investment. And the other thing is to do more self promotion. Maybe display somewhere locally. You know rent a hall or something, throw a big ME event.

Been reading Seth Godin, “Small is the New Big”, very perceptive guy. Quite funny at times also. What I’m taking away from him is, one is the captain of ones own ship. Things aren’t going the way you want? Change course! Pretty simple.

As the year progresses I’ll keep you up to date. Of course I’ll have to be more consistent posting here, and I’ve got some good ideas along that line.

Stay tuned.


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