My book is getting closer to completion.It’s a series of vignettes I make up around things I’ve seen on the subway, bus, train, street. Here is a sample.

25 – She Shifts
She brings on the full panoply of needed travel accessories for the proper corporate commuter. Hefting the gym bag in hand she shoulders on one side the urban sack purse, over the other shoulder a leather laptablet case. Finding her seat she stows the luggage below after retrieving the steel insulated coffee cup, ipod, and magazine – the New Yorker.
Not just the days end, but Friday’s end, start of the weekend.
What corporate responsibilities recede as the metro chariot proceeds towards home? Immersed in the magazine and earbuds she sheds the hectic pace of the advertishop, the fiscal tensions of the money machine, or the political shenanigans of the legislators staff. As she looks forward to shedding the suit, stockings, and intimates before immersing in the warm tub and a soothing glass of.


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