So I’ve written about various artists I’ve found inspiring. Here is someone I actually went to university with, Carl Studna. When I met Carl he was a bright kid running the darkroom. I was the old man, this being after the war and my third go at trying to get a degree. I could see Carl was good he had a great eye and was always onto learning something new.

After we graduated I lost touch, meaning I fell off the earth again, for a couple of years.

Then I’m in Los Angeles now for a couple of years and in the lobby at A&E Photo to pick up some processing (This was an arcane ritual of delivering your mission critical, irreplaceable, hard work to the high priest where it was anointed and bathed, and if the gods are with you the priest will present you back with pictures. You could wait overnight to find out of you’ll be billing this job or with additional donations you can learn your fate in as little as 1 hour.) and there was Carl, waiting too. We talk a bit, catch up, play “do you remember”. I tell him about the work I’m doing, architectural, all ‘for hire’; I think he said he was doing promotional or publicity. And zott we’re gone again.

Now it’s about 1989-90 and I hear Jefferson Airplane got back together and put out a new album. Since JA and I go back to 1967 I snap it up. I’m reading the liner credits and there’s Carl, photography by.

Thinking about my blog I go “where’s Carl?” he’s at

This is a little from his website:

The mission – To anchor with the client in the vision that’s emerging, utilizing all of the tools necessary to see it through to it’s clearest and most powerful form.

And a quote of what he’s about – “The medium of photography reveals the presence of grace, beauty and wisdom through the lens of the camera. Every shoot, whether it be a person, product, landscape or activity offers the opportunity to see and imprint the true essence that is present. Cultivating an atmosphere of trust is the most essential ingredient in working with clients.”

…Carl Studna is a multifaceted portrait photographer whose three decades of commercial shooting covers the spectrum of musicians, authors, celebrities, corporate, advertising and fine art.

Here are examples of his work

As I looked through Carl’s work I recognized images I’ve seen in publication and didn’t know who’d made them. I’m delighted that people I knew, before they “made it”, continue to make it. That’s always inspiring to me, knowing hard work, and some talent, will always get you somewhere.


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