I have recently been writing about my views on what is art, the negative influence of gatekeepers (galleryist and dealers), and decrying the rise of the ‘opinion’ critic.

I hadn’t really given much thought to art publications until I came across Brian Sherwin writing at Fine Art Views who said: “It is vital that we — the art community as a whole — have sources of art writing that are not dictated solely by ad sales or other influential business factors. After all, it is no secret that traditional/commercial print art publications are often burdened by the revenue model (the influence of ad sales and other business factors) that sustains them — and that traditional/commercial print art writers, due to that revenue model, are often ‘pinned down’ as to what they can write about for their employers. The public has noticed the Devil in the details. … — we expect more from art writing in general. We want something that is more authentic.”

By advocating the promotion of a unified definition of what art is this will make it easier and more informative to read about and remark upon.


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