Practice makes perfect. Really?? Why??

Keith Bond has an interesting article at Fine Art Views.

He offers a couple of suggestions:
“Do a variety of exercises to develop different skills from color theory to composition to values, perspective, creativity, expression, etc. There are hundreds of exercises you could do.

But most importantly – the best way to practice is simply create. Create with the attitude that the piece you are working on does not need to be a masterpiece. It does not need to be exhibited. It is simply for discipline.”

Drill, drill, drill.

I have learned the basics of proportion, where are the eyes on the face, how wide is a mouth, and extending to anatomy, how long is an upper arm compared to the lower arm etc. I try to draw these exercises a couple times a week, just keeping my hand in.

When you have the basics you have someplace to start and when you start you have someplace to go. Don’t start; no go.

Practice, discipline, practice, hard work, discipline, and practice will lead to Mastery. And as I quoted Hugh MacLeod earlier: “Something inte­res­ting and valua­ble. … It may be an old-fashioned word that makes peo­ple uncom­for­ta­ble, but that’s only because it’s something that elu­des most people.”

But when you actually have mastered something: “It’s something that truly belongs to you, for always.”

I like that last, “It’s something that truly belongs to you, for always.”


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