Went to my sporadic network meeting last night. Just a loose group of different business people, maybe 25 – 30 of us. All kinds too, some realtors, insurance brokers, a house cleaning service, a painting contractor, some writers, a publisher of children’s books etc. This night there were 14 of us and I was the only “creative”, I thought.

Discussion was aimed at aligning your actions so your business flows. You don’t want the receptionist to greet people with ‘Whadaya want?’ as this may not entice them to venture any farther through the door. I’m listening to a financial broker describe how he structured an acquisition deal from beginning to end, the flows he had to develop and the stops to overcome. Later a bookkeeper remarked that you may not need a full-time bookkeeper if you have a ‘housekeeper’ to corral your financials so the bookkeeper can sort it, say every quarter.

Then I was realizing as our business is growing and we still only have that expanding file as our ‘housekeeper’ and we’re stuffing more stuff in it all the time. We were out of town last weekend location scouting for the new novel and mileage, and the meals, and the purchase of the town map, and the local newspaper and it’s all business expenses to track.

What I really got from this meeting is how any business doesn’t run itself by itself. It’s all these different parts accountants, finance, cleaning, bookkeeping, and fresh green plants running together and areas of expertise that can make a ‘creative’ solution. Not everyone’s job title is Artist, but a true professional is creative.


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