Here’s another artist that inspires me, he’s on the blogroll. Hugh MacLeod is a major marketing maven and cartooning monster who truly knows what creative is and what creativity is for. This cartoon for “” just nails what art does for the culture. More art = more inspiration, every every time I experience good art I’m inspired, inspired to create. Good art doesn’t just inspire “artists” it inspires everyone, inspires innovation. Hugh has recognized a cycle of productivity here that is self perpetuating, feed art in one end and more art comes out of the other. And having some profit in the middle isn’t bad either.

<tangental rant>The canonical example of creative, innovational, profit of course is Apple (full disclosure: I do not own any Apple stock or products). As overhyped as it sounds to deny it is simply not seeing reality. Like, dislike, agree, disagree Apple has revolutionized both music and telephone, period. Where did that come from? Good art! Jobs was an appreciator of artistic expression who savored elegance and nearly worshipped craftsmanship. As mentioned, though I’ve never personally owned an Apple product I have used them and been struck by their simple beauty. Try this; go to Fry’s and ask them to pop the hood on one of the computers and note the mess inside, the inside you don’t see. Now go to an Apple store and do the same, big difference.<end rant>

Now get your head out of the box and go make/do something.


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