Last post I mentioned Hugh MacLeod’s “” but then got sidetracked ranting about Apple creative marketing.

With Hugh’s equation:

more art=more inspiration

more inspiration=more creativity

more creativity=more innovation

more innovation=more profits

more profits=more art

he has recognized a cycle of productivity here that is self perpetuating.

Back when I was doing dance company publicity I got inspired by the dancers. There was something fluid and ethereal about them, physically and spiritually it made me want to create something different. Having had intimate contact through seeing classes and rehearsals I was able to develop a sort of pre-visualized double exposure technique; inspiration creating innovation.

Another time a film project resulted from a piece of music and the sound of an old-fashioned spinning wheel and the clack of a loom.

The “City Seens” I’ve posted (and the book I need to wrap up) spring from observations out on the streets and public transport of real cities, though the “seens” are imaginary.

Hugh’s equation is not only self perpetuating but cyclic in that you can jump into any part and move forward from there. Got some innovation push that and it becomes profit, use that profit for art and get inspired. Because business needs more art.

Here is the url again


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