Continuing the topic of where do ideas come from – let’s look at what I call ‘conceptual’. The idea comes from an image or perhaps a story, I may want to illustrate a news item or something out of the antique in my liberal arts education, or re-interpreting a favorite artist. I’ll sketch it out, playing with the composition, often it will go through multiple versions. In composing I’m judging the weight/balance as well the fit and overall form. I use the colour wheel for fine tuning the palette.

When I am not dis-pleased with the composition I identify the elements; if furniture is period what period, if a hat what kind, dress/slacks, sneakers/boots. Then can I just draw it up out of experience or do I need a model. A piece currently on the drawing board is this, the boots a combination of two different styles, the cityscape/skyline from a photograph.

Where ‘associative’ is very free-form and flowing without a lot of “think” I consider ‘conceptual’ to be all about analysis and decision. The piece is constructed, the parts carefully chosen, crafted, hone, and arranged so that my visualization, my conception, comes to life.


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