Continuing the topic of where do ideas come from – let’s look at what I call ‘extensional(derivative)’. The idea comes directly from something else, an image or idea that I’m attracted to ‘extend’. Think Warhol soup can, a re-purposed package wrapper. Or less directly as in my drawing, “Johanna”, visualizing a few lines of Dylan’s “Visions of …”:

“But she just makes it all too concise and too clear that Johanna’s not here … And these visions of Johanna they kept me up past the dawn.”

Here it wasn’t so much illustrating ‘a lover’ as it was distilling the feel of his paean to the ellusive illusional Johanna. She is not present, he does not know where she is, and he can’t keep her off of his mind; but the visions are all that remain.

I put her in a no-space, downcast eyes she does not connect with the viewer, black and white like an old photograph. But has he lost her or is she just a dream?

The most common examples of the ‘extensional’ would be any classic genre scene of a biblical passage. It is evidenced though too in something as recurrent as an Odalisque. The harem, centuries old, now becoming popularized in 18th century Orientalism and odalisque a popular subject.

All these inspirations described are not really separate, except on this level of abstraction of discussion. I’m not at the drawing table thinking ‘conceptual’, ‘associative’, … I’m just working; but it can give some insight by looking at the process.


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