My name is Paul Staryak. This is a blog of what I think about ART in any format.  ART has always been connected/influenced/influencing POLITICS so there will be some of that too.

I graduated from university with a Bachelor’s degree in Expressive Art. After graduation I did a stint as a publicity photographer for dancers and actors. Then I spent 20 years in an Architectural firm in Hollywood where I did 35mm, digital, and 4×5 architectural photography.

I am currently working a dayjob in Project Management. And writing (technical & fiction), drawing in pencil (graphite & color), greasing up the old 35mm cameras, and learning to paint.


Gallery Exhibit
Panama Red’s; Jacksonville, Arkansas

Solo Exhibit
“My own Dance”

Solo Exhibit
“Portraits of the Artist Without Orangotans”
Ruben Salazar Library; Rohnert Park, California

Finalist (published)
Photographer’s Forum Spring Competition

Award of Merit
Fine Arts Competition; California State Fair

Bachelor of Arts, Expressive Art
Sonoma State University


One Response to “About”

  1. Andrew Staryak Says:

    Paul e-mail me at andon@bellsouth.net We may be related

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