What I was thinking.

I was downtown today and saw a street protest going on. Their chant was ” Torture is a war crime!”. I wasn’t able to make out who or what they were accusing of torture.

They missed the whole point; war is a crime.

Later I saw one of those ‘mechanical’ street artists doing his robot show. He wore military fatigues, but he was painted all gold.

The politics and the art leads to todays thesis; “Art is War”. It’s a war against the unaesthetic, the unimaginative, the unappreciative. A war of eye-opening, convention questioning, storming the status quo.

Art since before the Lascaux caves in the Paleolithic era has been a form of door for people to see beyond their daily existence.

As the cave painter invokes the magic of successful hunts; as the 15th century Van Eyck, in the Ghent alterpiece, tells the story of the Old Testament or Michaelangelo the story of creation. As Manet tells the aesthetic of “The Dead Toreador” or the “Execution of Maximilian”. As Picasso gives an anguished wail over Guernica and shows us a bull’s head in a bicycle seat Bull’s Head (Tete de Toro) so it mires in the frosting of Thiebaud’s cupcakes and so it loses touch with the people.

Why? What can be done about that?



Here’s a little political rant about TV.

Congress mandated that full power broadcasters must convert to all digital transmission on 17 Feb. 2009. At least that was the law until yesterday.

Now they think it should wait until June. Why? Because people who can not afford converter boxes won’t be able to watch ‘Fattest Loser’.

It is not a surprise that TV is supposed to go digital. In fact in 1996 the FCC started distributing additional bandwidth to broadcasters in preparation. Since 2007 TV manufacturers have had to have digital tuners in their sets. A converter box casts $40. If someone has known since 2007 their TV was going to go black and they couldn’t scrape up $40 why am I paying for their box??

It is this type of government stupidity that torques me. Like bailing out banks. I am really unsympathetic in the area of TV because it’s such garbage. It’s worse now than in 1961 when FCC Chairman Newton Minow in an address before the National Association of Broadcasters said, “…sit down in front of your television set … what you will observe is a vast wasteland.”

stupid, stupid, stupid

This is politics today, sorry if you were looking for art.

Well what can you expect from a state where the entertainment is manufactured in Hollywierd and the ruler is the Governator.

California Governor Schwarzenegger signed an Executive Order delaying part of the August paycheck to State workers. The papers of course call it a pay cut but it’s only an enforced withholding and will be returned when the Budget is approved.

Now here’s the stupid part; State workers don’t approve the Budget it’s the Legislature that is dragassing on this. They’re even currently on vacation.

So Mr. Governor how come you don’t have the Attorney General looking into Legislative dereliction of duty. It’s only a State Constitutional mandate the Budget be completed by 15 June each year.

Oh well, I probably don’t have a complete picture I get ALL my news from Google, I really love the machine but it doesn’t understand what it’s telling me, it’s my job to figure that out.

art AND politics

Today we have both Art and Politics in all the hoo ha about the trials and tribulations of poor Miley Cyrus the young, 15 year old, superstar singer.

Vanity Fair assigned Annie Leibovitz to photograph Ms. Cyrus for their June issue. If you follow any of these things you know that Annie has done Vanity Fair portraits for eons (since 1983). And you would be familiar with Annie’s style.

So let us look at this from the isolation of a portrait. The portraitist is displaying an essence of the subject. It is a facet or a view and can not be the person in total. Primarily because people are not two dimensional, by any definition, so you can’t see the person in total.

Contributing what I can to this image, I see a self confidence and a casualness. But the grip on her blanket isn’t letting anything peek out. There is a “nudge-nudge wink-wink” (see Monty Python) in the eyes and she is not looking directly into the lens, but just camera left. Now we know Annie’s behind the lens so who is at her shoulder that got Miley’s attention? The smile flirting around her lips seems to hold back a chuckle.

That’s it! I just realized this is a publicity photo for Miley. And here I am giving more coverage. Ha! caught me kid. Oh well, I needed something to post.

I have been on my writing, but drawing is really falling behind. This new house is eating my time, but it’s fun, planting flowers and watering lawn.

I’ll be out of town mid May visiting my Mom. It’ll be good even though it’s more disruption.

You can see the Miley promo piece at Vanity Fair if you’re interested. You can read all kinds of outrage all over the Net, but why bother.

No art yet.

Still getting sorted out. Been writing for May, but no drawing. SO here’s some politics for you. Great essay! Beautiful Mom, hope this coverage gets more Moms do what’s right. I picked the story up from Bruce Schneier.

Check this.

Just stumbled on this so, I’m throwing it out. It’s Green testosterone.

Friday today.

I look forward to some gallery hopping this weekend.

Meanwhile here is Alexei Antonov who works in the Classical Style. He is quite good at it.

<politics> I lament the growth of censorship and continuing death of rock and roll. I was button pushing the car radio the other night and stopped on Dire Straits “Money for Nothing”. Some shitforbrains ie. “progran director”, or monkey further up the food chain, had bleeped the word ‘faggot’ when Mark Knopfler is singing about (Sir) Elton John’s money and hair.

This IS censoring. Music is art, is a form of speech, is protected by the Constitution. If the station doesn’t like the lyrics, don’t play the song. That is NOT censorship, that is the right of the station to program what they want.

This censorship is supremely egregious in that the term, in the song at the time, by the artist, in reference to the person, is actually a term of affection. In ‘English/Australian’ english “poofter” pronounced ‘puffta’ is the derogatory slang. And besides the ‘Empire’ is much more tolerant of faggotry anyway. </politics>